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What We Believe.

What We Believe.

We believe in local, Australian-made, natural, pure products. We are eco conscious. We want our products to provide extraordinary results and for that reason use plant-based ingredients with 100% pure essential oils (not fragrance).

We believe in time out, wellness and mindfulness. ‘Salus’ was the ancient Roman Goddess of health and prosperity. We love our connection to the Salus Goddess and developed our spa inspired range to help you relax, calm the mind, nourish the body and reconnect.

We believe in good design. Our range stands out for its distinctive clean, fresh, contemporary Australian look. Our refreshing, modern approach and quality formulations reflect our passion for good looking Australian-made quality skincare.

We believe it’s important to have principles. We want you to know how we work. We have integrity and believe our principles make us different. We apply our principles to everything we do.



Our products are researched, developed and made in Australia. We are 100% Australian owned and produce our products locally. We work with and support local business and our community. Where possible we use local Australian ingredients. Salus is proudly local. We treasure Australia. We treasure you.

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We are serious about skincare and develop products that provide extraordinary results. We don’t release a product until we’re 110% happy. We rigorously test it to make sure it’s right and does what it’s supposed to do. When formulating we use ingredients for the purpose in which the product is being developed. We are just as fussy about skincare as you.


All our products contain powerful botanicals, natural plant extracts and pure essential oils that are free from synthetic fragrances, synthetic colour, sodium laurel sulfates, glycols, parabens and mineral oils. Our formulations are plant rich and natural.


Every product within the Salus range is packaged in recyclable or reusable packaging. Our bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastics and our boxes from chlorine free paper. We are kind to the environment and kind to others. We don’t test our products on animals.


Many of our products are multipurpose. Our bath salts can be used in partnership with our body oil as a traditional spa scrub. Our candle jars double up as a drinking glass when you’re done. Our black salt jar can be reused. Our handwash can be re-filled. Our body cleanser can be used as a face cleanser, makeup remover or natural foaming bath. Our lip balm doubles as a spot hydrator, our room spray as a linen spray. Our heat pillow is a perfect cooling pack in summer.